Fermented and unroasted whole cocoa beans are recognized for their taste, aromatic and nutritional qualities.

They are eaten plain or with dried fruits, oilseeds, cereals. They can also be used in various sweet or savory preparations, dishes and drinks.

The cocoa bean, rich in components with exceptional actions and is a very high quality food. The Mayans and Aztecs called it
«God's food».

Our raw beans measure between 2 to 3 cm long and 1 to 2 cm wide.

As they are not roasted, they keep their raw chocolate and quite bitter flavor, a powerful but refined aroma, as well as all their nutritional and therapeutic properties. The average composition would be: 50% cocoa butter, 20% protein, 7% starch, 6% minerals, 4% cellulose, 2% theobromine, the rest being residual moisture.


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